Industries Served

Some of the industries we serve:

Mastek-InnerStep is adding new technologies to its list of capabilities every day! We can tailor our approach to meet your specific needs. Following are some examples of how we have gone the extra mile to help our customers succeed.


Digital X-Ray Equipment :? ?Digital X-Ray Equipment is subject to strict FDA manufacturing guidelines. We built dedicated stations to put together six sub-assemblies and then incorporated them into final assembly, meeting FDA guidelines.

Control System for Artificial Heart :? ?We employed flexible work units to support the control system for an already developed artificial heart. Additionally, we created the capabilities to do pneumatic control systems and tests.

Pharmaceutical Testing Equipment :? ?We supported development, agency approval, prototyping, manufacturing and test for spectrometer-based pharmaceutical units. This included TUV required special testing equipment and special incoming test equipment for purchased items.

Physical Therapy Testing Equipment: Not only did we assemble, test, and ship specialized equipment, we also set up a warranty and repair station to support the currently manufactured product and legacy product in the field.

Missile Guidance Testing Platforms: ??We assembled and built complex testing equipment for field calibration of air to ground missile systems on an aircraft. We built the testing apparatus to simulate system test to test each completed unit.

FM Band Wireless Broadcasting Systems: We set up a manufacturing line to build transmitters and receivers for audio systems used in sports bars. We provided this fully tested product directly to the end-user. We also built the wireless testing network for tuning and burn in of product at various channel frequencies.

University of Arizona :? ?We assembled prototype printed circuits boards for a space mission on behalf of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory. We also support engineering students’ Design Day projects!

Weather System Monitoring Equipment: ??We set up dedicated work cells and testing systems for??lightening??monitoring and wind profiling. ??We then handled the shipping of the fully tested and burned in units. We also developed the sophisticated simulation testing.

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