Facilities & Equipment

Our Manufacturing Facility!

Our Tucson, AZ facility includes 20,000 square feet of ESD Controlled Manufacturing and Functional Test Area. We take great pride in maintaining our equipment for a quality product every time.

Equipped to Meet Your Needs!

Electronic Surface Mount Assembly:

My Data series 9 robotic pick & place units and re-flow ovens.

MPM Solder Paste Printers


Post Wave/Through-Hole Assembly

  • Through-Hole Product Prep Area With Semi-Automated Prep Equipment
  • Through-hole mounting slide lines
  • Wave soldering lines with DI washing systems
  • Hand place workstations
  • ACE Selective Soldering Machine

Cable and Wire Harness Building

  • Semi-automated wire cutting and stripping
  • Semi-automated wire crimping
  • Vast array of specialty hand-crimping tools.

Electro-Mechanical Assembly/Mechanical Assembly

  • Flexible assembly stations
  • Dedicated assembly stations
  • Positive Air Flow workstations
  • Flexible EM Assembly Space/Cell Manufacturing

Testing Facilities & Equipment

Custom Functional Testing Equipment Complete Testing Laboratory
Fluke 45 Multimeter Hewlett Packard 15 MHz Function Generator
Tektronix 100 MHz Digital Oscilloscope Hewlett Packard programmable power supply
2.7 GHz Frequency Counter 1 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Associated Research 4 kv HI Pot Tester Rod-l Ground Continuity Tester
Digital and analog circuitry RF Circuitry
Infinity APi High accuracy,advanced next generation SMT stencil printing system YTV-B3 AOI Advanced image processing technology to provide complete inspection coverage
High Performance Real-time X-ray Inspection System

Glenbrook Technologies – X-ray

RTX-113HV High performance Real-time X-ray Inspection System:

  • Designed for inspection of multi-layer assembled printed circuit boards with dense metal BGAs
  • Recommended for lead free inspection requirements
  • Motorized X-Y sample positioner with 45?? angled viewing
  • Zoom featured camera with 4x-50x magnification
  • Automated BGA and void measurement capabilities
  • PCB sizes up to 24??? x 24???

YESTech ??? Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

YTV-B3 AOI ??? Advanced image processing technology to provide complete inspection coverage:

  • Advanced full color (Fusion) lighting
  • Inspection down to 01005 component sizes
  • Real-time SPC, Defect Trends, Machine Utilization and First Pass Yield
  • Pre and Post Reflow, First Article and Final Inspection capabilities
  • Defects Detected ???
      • Component: position, missing, wrong, polarity, skew, tombstone
      • Lead: bent, lifted, bridging
      • Solder: open, insufficient, short, solder balls, paste
      • PCB sizes up to 18??? x 20″

DEK ??? Automated Stencil Printing System

Infinity APi ??? High accuracy, advanced next generation SMT stencil printing system:

  • Real-time SPC, Yield and Repeatability monitoring
  • 2Di advanced board and stencil solder paste inspection (SPI)
  • Adjustable stencil mount, so we can accommodate any size stencil
  • Temperature and Humidity controlled
  • Automated stencil cleaning
  • PCB sizes up to 20??? x 20???

We can incorporate any customer supplied fixtures or test equipment!

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