Certifications & Quality: Mastek-InnerStep has the qualifications you need!

Mastek-InnerStep is certified to meet a wide variety of industry standards in order to serve our customers needs, no matter their field.

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Facility

IPC Member


Mastek-InnerStep has in place a Corrective Action Management Program as part of the ISO Procedural System. This program ensures that any failures, out of compliance situations, customer complaints, and non-conforming products are corrected is such a way that they will not occur again.

Mastek-InnerStep???s Quality Document Management System:
Document Preparation and Application All essential documents are reviewed and approved for adequacy by the process owner prior to issue
Document Distribution and Availability All essential documents are readily available at all locations performing functions affecting quality
Document Version and Revision Updates Invalid and/or obsolete documents are labeled obsolete in the revision history table and filed in an obsolete folder
Document Process Owner Approval Changes to documents are identified and reviewed by the process owner prior to use
Document Internal Audit Documents are reviewed and re-approved through the internal audit process; Documents remain legible and readily identifiable.
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